Jeff Curry's musical journey started from age thirteen when he picked up the trumpet and shortly after the electric bass. Jeff was soon playing in bands and writing original music with other local musicians. At age sixteen, Jeff began studying the string bass and dived into the jazz world. He found himself in the bass chair of the swing/jazz band "Ghost Town Swing". After high school Jeff went to The University of North Texas and studied with famed bassists Lynn Seaton and Jeff Braditich. There Jeff had the opportunity to perform with the legendary big bands and small ensembles. Texas's rich and diverse music scene provided Jeff with the chance to play in many different styles such as jazz, latin, blues, country, rock and metal.

Jeff moved to Tokyo Japan in 2004. There he has been very busy as a side man, studio musician, band leader, composer, arranger. He has been recorded on many video game soundtracks and original projects as well. Many of Jeff's original songs can be heard on television and film in The United States. He founded and leads the band "The Outer Rim"which has released two albums and has played The Tokyo Jazz Festival. Jeff has also performed at the Fuji Rock Festival and other festivals throughout the world.

Notable artist that Jeff has performed with are Crystal Kay, Thelma, Koyanagi Yuki, Jill Decoy Association, Davy Moony, Tainaka Fukushi, and Hakuei Kim. Also Jeff has performed with Bill Watrous, Eric Merienthal, Bob Sheppered, and Randy Brecker when they were guest artists with the Serindipity Big Band. Jeff is a member of Tokyo Groove Alliance, Coppe, Ebonvoid, and The Outer Rim.

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